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Registrate and pay by your phone in iziSHOP mobile payment solution

Download and install iziSHOP on mobile phone!

Download and install iziSHOP on mobile phone!

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Access via mobile application

Please note that due to the new 3D Secure bank policy (Verified by Visa / Secure Code) we no longer support payments through our Java app and the current 1.0.3 version of our Android app. For payments of iziSHOP services please enter our Webshop on this page by using your mobile phone number and password until our new Android app is released.

Access via Web browser

Send keyword izishop and your selected Password (min. 5 char.) via SMS (e.g. izishop starwars) to +36 70 70 60 500 (normal rate), then you can enter our webshop using your phone number and password at !

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Download and install iziSHOP on mobile phone
Important! Downloading and installing iziSHOP is completely free of charge,
You will be charged by the GPRS connection fees only set by your Mobile Network Operator.

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