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Mobile Tickets and Passes for the Whole Family

Pécs, June 24, 2009 – New options for families have now become available for Hungary's first mobile transit ticket services, which was introduced in Pécs in February.

This past February, the Pécs Transit System was the country's first to provide its passengers with the opportunity to purchase electronic transit tickets via mobile telephone. As of today, new options have been added to this service. Using the iziSHOP mobile payment system, there is no longer any need to stand in line at a cashier, since the tickets and passes can be purchased by mobile telephone. In fact, they are even displayed on the telephone's screen! Hedz Ltd., which developed and runs the iziSHOP system, has now added some new features which allow families and groups to make use of this easy and practical system.

The increasingly popular service, introduced by the Pécs Transit System, uses unique, colorful graphical images, which can be viewed on the mobile telephone's screen as time-based tickets and traditional monthly passes. When the tickets and passes have expired, the images turn grey and a red line is visible across them, thus they can be easily and quickly checked. A new option allows for the purchase of multiple tickets at one time, making it ideal for traveling groups. The number of purchased tickets appears on the screen image, clearly identifying how many people are allowed to travel. Another new function is intended for families, as it allows tickets and passes to be purchased for another person. The other person's telephone number and identification card number must be provided, then the purchased ticket or pass will automatically appear on the other person's mobile telephone, provided the iziSHOP application has already been downloaded to that telephone. "This could allow the parent to purchase transit passes for the children, who would simply recieve a text message that their new pass has arrived on their telephone," said László Bata, Pecs Transit System's marketing director, explaining the new family-friendly function. After each purchase, the iziSHOP application saves the other person's data, thus future purchases require that the user only provides a nickname and a new ticket or pass can be purchased.

If the traveler wants to use iziSHOP for the first time, they must download the iziSHOP Java application to their telephone. This can be done by sending the code word “izishop” in a base-rate text message to 06 70 70 60 500. It takes only 2-3 minutes, so can even be done while waiting for the bus! Once the user's bank data have been entered, it is time to shop. iziSHOP provides the unique possibility of securely saving this information in the user’s telephone, thus when it comes time to pay, they need only enter their simple iziHSOP PIN code. Purchases made through iziSHOP don't have any additional service fees or text messaging fees, only the cost of using the mobile internet connection (GPRS). Payment and bank card data security are guaranteed by iziSHOP’s banking partner, CIB Bank.

iziSHOP was established in the spring of 2007 and offers, in addition to the aforementioned transit tickets and passes, highway vignettes (even annual ones) and parking tickets and passes for the city of Budapest. Users can also use iziSHOP to purchase theatre and concert tickets, magazine subscriptions (almost 40 different magazines) and travel insurance, or to pay for online web purchases and restaurant meals! All this on their mobile phones, without service fees or text messaging charges! (For more information visit:,

Pécs Transit System – -

The Pécs Transit System (PK Zrt.) runs a passenger service covering the area of the City of Pécs, with 172 buses in its fleet. At present 60 standard buses and 112 articulated buses carry passengers (approximately 71 million/year) on its 160.8 km of routes. The ownership structure of the company changed in November of 2008, when Mecsekbusz Ltd. provided a capital infusion of 1 billion forints. PK Zrt operates with the aim of providing the City of Pécs with public transportation based on high quality, modern technology to offer safe and punctual service to meet public demand. The company’s primary goals include the modernization of the fleet, the development of passenger service areas, the creation of flexible schedules to meet passengers’ needs, the sales of modern electronic tickets and passes and improved information services. PK Zrt. strives to develop effective, cooperative partnerships with the citizens of Pécs and its city council, in order to develop and run a competitive public transit service that meets the needs of the local citizens and visitors.

Hedz Hungary Ltd. -

Hedz Ltd is a software technology company specializing in unique mobile payment and mobile banking applications. Hedz offers public utilities, banks and other service providers with solutions to help increase efficiency through the development of mobile telephone-based electronic channels. The company’s main products include the HMB mobile banking system developed for banks, a highly secure authentication system iziSEC, the bill payment service,moBill, developed for public utilities, as well as a service which is one of a kind in Europe, developed for transportation and entertainment applications, allowing bank card payments via mobile telephone, iziSHOP.

CIB Bank -

CIB Bank is a member of Italy’s largest banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo. In its 30 years of service, it has developed from an exclusively corporate bank to becoming Hungary’s second largest commercial bank, providing complete commercial and investment services to corporations, governmental agencies, companies and private clients. CIB is not only a bank, but a banking group, which includes a leading leasing company and successful investment enterprises. CIB Bank considers the development and support of innovative solutions to be of prime importance, thus are pleased to be Hedz Hungary Ltd.’s financial partner.


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