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Our shop offers clients the security of bank card payments through CIB Bank.

Card data is protected by a 128-bites SSL security program, as long as your web browser supports this program (min. Netscape 4.7 or Explorer 5). If your browser does not support the SSL security program, then it cannot be used for internet bank card payments. SSL is the short form for the widely-accepted Secure Sockets Layer protection process. Our bank has a 128-bite encoding key which protects its communication channels. The VeriSign company provides the CIB Bank with the use of the 128-bite key, with which we can guarantee SSL encoding. At present, 90% of the world's electronic commerce uses this encoding method. The web browser, with the help of the SSL program, encodes the card data before they are sent to CIB Bank, thus third parties cannot access them. The value of the purchase appears immediately on the card's account.

For more information, please read our detailed information section.

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